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About us

Meili d'autore is a small apiculture established in 2007 after an adventurous step into the world of honey. Apiculture implies the presence of an apiarist… that's me, Andrea. I was born in Trentino studied accounting, my passion is apiculture and I am a dedicated and loving dad.

In 2002 I changed my profession from an accountant in a big company to work as an accountant in a then still small apiculture business in Trentino.
I found out that I already knew a lot about apiculture. Sometimes everyday life lets us forget things we learned when we were growing up. When I was small my grandfather had some beehives. Every spring he used the bees to favour pollination. However, I did not think about this for many years...
When I started working in the apiculture of my friend Andrea (we both have the same name), I was rather ignorant with regard to the topic, but I had the best teacher one could wish for. This teacher started my passion for apiculture, something that mankind used to do since always. The respect for an insect which gives everything of itself in order to produce a delicious and precious nectar called honey. The bees and honey have become my passion and soon I wanted to try everything myself. Andrea was always very patient and taught me everything. I have learned a lot from him, and I still learn a lot every time I visit them: the bees.

Its not me who is the author of this wonderful piece of art, its them: the bees and nature.
I therefore have great respect for the sweet nectar bees give us, and that we offer to you: you who have patiently read our story which really only begins now.

Mieli d'autore - via ai Dossi 22 - Fai della Paganella (Tn)
mob. +39 348 4975501 - fax +39 0461 601758 - e-mail info@mielidautore.it

Piccola bottega del miele | via ai Dossi 22 - Fai della Paganella (Tn)